Home Remedy For Hair Fall

Often people are worried about hair. Hair fall, dandruff, rough hair and many such problems come. For this, people also get expensive treatment from the beauty parlor. But these treatments have effect for some time, and then they have to be done again. Also, the use of more and more chemicals on the hair will increase these problems.

In many medical research it has been found that sea salt is good for hair. With its texture being slightly rough, it expolit the skin of the head, which means that it cleanses all the garbage on it.

Cosmetic Word Executive Editor Geoff Electric said that a big trend to repair hair with sea salt has come in the beauty market.According to him, the products which come in the hair care market, there are sulphate-like chemicals that spoil the hair. They do this home remedies. Look at this home remedy. When you shampoo, add salt to it, hair can be made healthy by using it in another way. See how to mix it and this has 3 benefits.

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