What does a full service include

Many individuals question the significance of getting their car serviced on the grounds that they aren’t sure what is included. It’s critical to realize that getting your car serviced is the most ideal approach to ensure that it is working accurately, while additionally improving its productivity and wellbeing.

What is a car service?

During an Auto Body Repair Shop, your vehicle will have it’s motor oil changed and its channels supplanted. These become obstructed with use after some time. The service additionally incorporates upkeep checks which help forestall breakdowns and guarantees your vehicle is working to the right norms. Customary overhauling will set aside your cash over the long haul as it will help maintain a strategic distance from costly repairs and will likewise improve the presentation of your car, for example, eco-friendliness.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to have my car serviced?

Security First – The principle purpose behind having your car serviced is to protect you on the streets. Driving a risky car is hazardous to you and everyone around you. Without ordinary adjusting, you don’t have a clue what fundamental issues could be fermenting and a service will alleviate this.

Set aside Cash – You may think a car service appears to be a pointless cost, notwithstanding, over the long haul, it will spare you from preventable repair charges by getting any potential issues early. The substitution of your channels will likewise guarantee great ignition which diminishes your fuel utilization.

Drag out the Life of Your Car – The channels in your car become obstructed after some time which can prompt exorbitant wear. Having them supplanted will delay the life of your vehicle.

Keep up Your Car’s Value – Maintaining the state of your car implies that you’re holding its incentive for when you need to sell it later down the line. Most purchasers will take a gander at the service history and might be happy to pay substantially more for the unwavering quality of a car that has been kept in great condition over a car that is not been appropriately kept up.

Better Car Performance

What does full service incorporate?

Every single full service booked through Rapido Garage will hold fast to the accompanying service plan. This guarantees the costs that you look at utilizing our examination apparatus resemble for-like. It additionally implies that you know precisely what will be incorporated into your service the same number of garages offer various sorts of services that incorporate a wide range of checks.


  • General Checks
  • Check the activity of outer lights
  • Check the activity of instrument cautioning lights
  • Check horn
  • Inner/Vision
  • Check windscreen wipers and washers activity and condition
  • Top up windscreen washer store with added substance whenever required
  • Check and exhort on the dust channel condition
  • Check windscreen for breaks and chips
  • Check mirror condition inner and outside
  • Check number plate condition
  • Check safety belts


  • Channel motor oil
  • Supplant oil channel
  • Refill with new oil
  • Supplant air channel
  • Check and exhort on general oil spills
  • Check coolant level and top up
  • Exhort on radiator fluid quality
  • Check radiator and coolant hoses for condition and breaks including header tank
  • Check condition and pressure of helper drive belts (NOT timing belt)
  • Change flash fittings on oil motors subordinate upon mileage – Extra Cost
  • Visual check fuel framework + tank if obvious
  • Check timing belt substitution interims and prompt
  • Check AdBlue (top up additional expense)


  • Check/prompt brake liquid condition and report
  • Top up brake liquid whenever required
  • Visual check of brake cushions for wear
  • Visual check of brake circles for wear
  • Visual check all noticeable brake pipes and hoses
  • Check the activity of hand brake
  • Visual check brake calipers for holes and security

Wheels and Tires

  • Check tire condition and tire profundities
  • Check and modify tire weights
  • Directing and Suspension
  • Check the state of street springs
  • Check power directing liquid store for holes and top up
  • Check guiding/suspension parts
  • Check to guide rack gaiters condition
  • Check safeguard condition
  • Check wheel heading


  • Outwardly check fumes smoke (diesel)
  • Outwardly check and inform on a condition concerning exhaust
  • Drive System
  • Check drive shaft gaiters for security and report spills
  • Check grip liquid level (if appropriate)
  • Check transmission oil spills

Last Checks

  • Reset vehicle service light where relevant
  • Stamp service book
  • Stamp printout of Rapido Garage service plan

When would it be a good idea for me to get a full service?

When you ought to get your car serviced relies upon how frequently you utilize your car. It is prescribed that you have a full car service after every 12,000 miles or once every year, whichever happens, sooner. Increasingly ordinary car clients ought to have a break service carried out in the middle of full services (at regular intervals or 6,000 miles).

Does my car need an interval, full or major service?

It tends to be hard to choose what sort of service your car needs, and it can get very confounding with the majority of the various names. That is the reason we have made it basic for you – there are three alternatives to look over when booking a service through Rapido  Garage: Interim, Full or Major.

A broken service is a straightforward oil change service, which ought to be carried out something like at regular intervals. Cars which are driven in all respects much of the time – and more established vehicles – are increasingly inclined to issues, so it might merit picking an interval service in the middle of your yearly full service if your call can be categorized as one of those two classes.

A full service is the most widely recognized, which ought to be carried out once per year. It is more exhaustive than the interval service, so it costs more and will likewise take more time to finish. On the off chance that you drive your car 12,000 miles or under in a year, booking a yearly full service is the best decision.

A noteworthy service has 60 things and checks included, contrasted with the 40 out of a full service. This is generally carried out bi-yearly and expenses the most. It will, as a rule, take longer than 3 hours to do, however, you’re getting the most far-reaching rundown checks conceivable. Drivers ought to have a noteworthy service the year after their full service to guarantee that their car gets the majority of the extra examinations that would have been passed up a great opportunity during the full service.

In the event that you are as yet uncertain which service to book for your car, click on ‘Help me pick a service’ on the service determination page (when you have chosen a garage from the correlation results). We’ll take as much time as necessary since your last service to suggest the right service type for you.

Our service plan examination table gives a full kept running down of what is incorporated into every one of the three service types. All services booked through Rapido Garage will pursue our service plans.

To what extent will a full service take?

Full car service in a Luxury Car Auto Repair Shop will regularly take a technician around 3 hours to finish. In the event that your arrangement is promptly toward the beginning of the day, you might most likely time it so you can lift it up during your mid-day break. In spite of the fact that you should contact your garage to ensure it has been finished before advancing there.

Numerous garages offer a gathering and conveyance service, which can be a colossal accommodation for occupied individuals. Numerous drivers have their car gathered from their work car park and it will be returned before the day’s over, in time for you to drive it back home. Accumulation and conveyance are offered for nothing out of pocket or for a little charge by numerous garages.

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