Twenty five twenty one k- drama 2022 Review

Twenty five twenty one k - drama 2022, Hey or Nay?

GenereRomantic k – drama

Director-Jung hi -hyun

Starring – Kim tae-ri, Nam joo- hyunk, Bina, Choi hyung work and Lee Joo Yung

Written by – Kwon Do – em

Music by – Lim Ha- young

Country of origin – South Korea

Excecutive Producer – Kim seon- tae

Producers – Yoon Ha-rim

won, Park Hun -joo

Running Time – 70 – 75 minute

Total Episode – 16

Production Company – Hwa&Dam picture

Distributor – tvN, Netflix

Original release – February 12,2022 present running


K- drama twnety five twenty one is a romantic drama.which is director by Jung ji- hyun .Kim tae-ri, Naam joo – hyunk are the main lead of this k – drama.This k-drama will have 16 episode with running Time 70- 75 min.

You can watch this k – drama on tvN and Netflix.

It’s very evident by the title of this k – drama twenty five twenty one that this story may be about the relationship between two  people where one of them is in teen age and other one is mature.

Leaving everything behind let’s talk about the story of this k – drama. Actually this is a story of a girl(character played by Kim tae-ri ) and a boy ( Character played by Naam joo – hyunk ) in South Korea who first meet at the age of 18 and 22.where they know each others name. After 3 year they again meet each other at the age of 21 and 25 and guess what? Both of them fell in love with each other.The girl is the member of fencing prodigy in South Korea but due to financial issue the group has been disband.The main lead main male character boy  was rich before but become poor . So he probably do part time job during his study for his expenses. After completing his study he became a sports reporter .

Now moving toward performance and presentation of this k- drama twenty five twenty one. The presentation of this k- drama is very beautiful.The story of this k- drama is very simple but unique in it own ways.The main lead (Naam joo hyunk ) is very good actor .he does many k – drama before .which were hit. His expression and his acting skills is very comandable.where as if we talk about female lead (Kim tae-ri ) then you will be amazed that she act like 21 years old girl in this k – drama twenty five twenty one but in real life she is 31 years old.It will going to be heard to convince themselves that she is not 21 years old . Story of this k- drama twenty five twenty one is quit poor but still this k – drama is entertaining. From mine side a big Hey to this k- drama let’s see what will audience give this k drama Hey or Ney ?


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