Self Care is a new Empowerment

Work hard, Excercise harder, eat healthy, sleep better..A generation bored down by lifestyle disorder is making a self-care their priority, changing how the wellness industry functions

Self Care

Self-care has a simple defination: Taking care of your mental and physical health.

Self -care is a continuous process of reflecting on your needs and investing in yourself to be the best version of yourself.

The most difficult person to deal with in our lives in requires the ability to bounce back …and the way to build resilience is through coated self-care.

Today self-care is new discipline.itiswhat you do every day, every week, month and month out. It is takin care of yourself in a way that doesn’t require you to indulge in order to restore balance.

Today self -care is about making a commitment to stay healthy and balanced as a regular practice. And it is not meditation and journalizing a lot of other everyday habits comprises the term this day. Like eating healthy, running, taking a nice long bath, spending time alone and seeing friends to re-energize the mind, working out or taking a rest day.

We have a basic human desire to develop yourself into something better by doing different things.

The rise of individualized self-care is the biggest wellness trend because it’s not just self-indulgence,itself-preservation.itis prevention of physical and emotional illness.

According to Google research of self-care in 2018  were 25 percent higher than in2017.

we are working more hours, juggling more roles and functioning in a word full of gadgets, where our attention is once demanded in several directions. Mental and psychological problems have gone manifold as much as a physical one in the last decades. we can’t turn back the clock but we can develop a better coping mechanism. And starts with taking care of ourselves better.

Looking at the spiritual aspect of it:

Self-love comes with the purity of mind, intellect, soul. Because a pure mind, intellect, and soul tend to converge, said Ramakrishnan. Pure mind entertains pure thoughts and the rest is overlooked but not suppressed because suppression raises the probability of reappearance. It encourages and guides to pursue action for the well-being of society. Desires and greed based action may add to the accumulated stock of luxury but it binds the mind to the possession one has. Hence, the sense of freedom or what Sankhya calls “Jivamukti” state of mind can never be attained.

The domestic will never open the door of the universal experiencing the vastness within oneself would remain unrealized .on the other hand, selfless action holds key to the ultimate purpose of life.

While pursuing action, if one is conscious of the aspect of it will automatically lead to purity of mind. Pure intellect can guide the mind and help avoid unnecessary interference and observation. one can avoid petty matters by following the process of identifying what is beneficial for the larger good.

By, pursuing self-love the ubiquitous Energy Paradigm in creation.

Self-love can also be seen as creating a ubiquitous energy paradigm by loving nature.

While we look up at the sky, we may perceive the universe turned from un-manifest to mainfest, abstract to the concrete, tangible in the bubble of space and time. with the backdrop, we are aware of other exquisite rarity and value.we may also perceive how our own DNA links us to one another and to all life on the planet . If we can keep an open mind and submit to the idea that we all are connected to each other in this invisible web of energy, we become aware that we are all part of one mind, the universal consciousness, in this sea of energy where everything is vibrating at different speeds. Self-love begins by communicating through our feelings and emotions.

They are used to describe the conscious awareness of the vibration we are in. So, if we think of something and feeling and emotion to it.we are sending out powerful vibrations around. Swami Vivekananda said every stone dropped in the lake is followed by a reaction. The stone is covered by a wave which strikes back to the points of its drop after touching periphery.

Self-love is key to change your karma. because Karma is the spiritual equivalent to newtons law of action and reaction in physics: for each and every action there is an equal and opposite, if we are more devoted to the self-love then we are also creating a happy and loving environment around us and spreading positivity and love to others.

Authored by Be Curious – Depth of knowledge

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