Petrol prices in metro cities today

New Delhi :- Prices of petrol and diesel have been witnessed for the second consecutive day. After 1 paise cheaper on Wednesday, the price of petrol in Delhi has dropped by 7 paise per liter on Thursday. Diesel also got cheaper by 5 paise per liter. Due to any technical flaw in the last day, one liter petrol in the rate card of Indian Oil started to look cheap up to 60 paisa. However, after a while he told it a technical weakness and corrected it.

Significantly, the prices of petrol diesel in all the cities of the country have increased steadily from May 14, 2018 to May 29, 2018. Although the government is constantly saying that it is looking for a long-term solution to provide relief to the common man by rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Petrol prices in metro cities today: Today, the price of one liter petrol in Delhi has gone up to Rs 78.35, which is lower than the previous day (Rs 78.42 per liter). In Mumbai, the price of one liter petrol has come down to Rs 86.16 per liter.

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