No Government Blood Bank In Many Districts

The Central Health and Family Welfare Ministry ordered the release of free blood from the government blood bank all over the country but the needy patients of 74 districts of the country could not get any benefit from it. There is not even a single government blood bank in these districts and free blood is available only by the government blood banks under the order.

Apart from this, 36 districts of 12 states are also there where private blood bank is not present with the government as well. The victims of these districts have to travel 100-100 km after the need for blood. Most of the problems due to the absence of a blood bank are used to treat the injured people and pregnant women in road accidents.

A Health Ministry official said that there are a total of 2,03 blood banks in the country. Of these, only 2672 are working. In the 74 districts where there is no government blood bank, 56 districts are in the process of constructing one blood bank. In the form of a blood bank, 35 to 50 lakh rupees are given by the ministry.

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