Kapil Sharma flirt with Parineeti Chopra

Kapil Sharma flirt with Parineeti Chopra in front of Akshay Kumar

Today Kesari’s team came in Kapil Sharma’s show for the promotion of the film Kesari on the battle of Saragarhi. At the same time, as the audience, the country’s real heroes were seen sitting in the soldiers of the country. Akshay Kumar’s entry was done with a bursting song of Kesari and then started a lot of laughing questions about Kapil. Akshay told Kapil Sharma at the show that how was the first fight scene due to low tech problem?

Comedy Night With Kapil Sharma’s latest episode, Akshay Bharat’s heroic app was also talked about. Akshay speaks of his duty. Akshay asked people how they can put money in the bank account of the families of the soldiers of the country. The CRPF officer thank Akshay at the show. In today’s show, Akshay Kapil goes to Siachen and talks about entertainment of the jawans. Kapil tells the soldiers of the country that they are all one family.

Kapil calls a young man to sing Those who fall prey to patriotic songs Many more young men take the mimicry of Gaiko. Finally, he sings for his wife, whom Kapil offers a gift. Other young people also sing the patriotic songs and the atmosphere becomes full of patriotism. At Kapil’s show, the parents of the soldiers also come from whom Akshay speaks in Marathi.

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