IELTS Band Score and Marking Criteria 2022

IELTS Band Score

 Well, if we talk about the IELTS band score, then all the band scores are basically between 0 to 9. And not only this, you get a band score for all the different four sections that are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Here are some facts about IELTS band score and marking criteria 2022.

Not only this, but you also need to get good marks or scores in every section. So, there is an overall band score that is being given for all the four sections but that doesn’t mean you can leave any one of the sections and then you think that you can get good marks so you have to perform well in every section.

IELTS Exam for Migration

So, if you want to give IELTS exam for migration, then you’re IELTS score will depend on the kind of visa you require whether it is for work, for studying, or for business. Not only this, but your IELTS score can also depend on the country and the institution in which you want to apply. This means that you are going for which country and for which institution in that country. You would need to fill the given i.e. LTS score criteria to get admission to that college or institution in that country.

2022 Criteria for the IELTS Test

So, if we talk about the 2022 criteria for the IELTS test then it had the following criteria:-

First, let’s talk about the reading and the listening test IELTS score band. So, these two sections contain 40 questions for which equal marks are given to all the answers if they are correct. Since there is no negative marking so no marks are being cut for the wrong answers. Well, this is an added benefit for all of you because if you think that the answer may be wrong, you can still write it. After all, sometimes it gets corrected.

IELTS Exam for Going Abroad

If you score between 39 and 40 then you’re Pant score is nine. If you score between 35 to 38, then you’re band score is eight. Till 23 to 26 months, the band score is six and a band score of six is considered as a good score to clear the IELTS exam for going abroad for migration.

Good Performance for IELTS Band Score

Now, let us talk about the marking criteria for the speaking test. So, in the speaking test the speaker or the examiner judges you based on the four levels that are the fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical mistakes. If you are the best in all these four levels then it can be considered that you will have a good performance in front of the speaker or the examiner.

IELTS Writing Test Marking Criteria

So now let us talk about the writing test marking criteria. For the writing test, since it involves task 1 and tasks 2 so they judge your performance on four levels that is accuracy, sharing of opinion and ideas, vocabulary and spelling, and past grammatical mistakes.

So, these were the criteria used.

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