How Consumer protection agency works to resolve complaints?

How Consumer protection agency work to resolve complaints?

Nowadays there are lots of reason for the consumer dissatisfaction that may be due to the quality and quantity of product they received, the bad quality service or may be any kind of fraud. For the resolution of these types of complaints there are also several ways and methods as follows:

  • Approach any Online Consumer Forum.

  • Help from the customer support of that particular company or brand.

  • Approaching consumer court.

  • File case against company and hire lawyer.

  • File complain at consumer protection agency.

Consumer Protection Agency is one of the ways that consumers can approach for their grievances. These agencies also minimize the consumer effort by providing all the above mentioned facilities to resolve the complaints. These agencies work to protect the consumer’s rights. If the consumer faces any problem regarding any product or service then they can approach to the consumer protection agency for justice. There are lots of such agencies which work for the consumers’ rights and fight for justice. Every consumer protection agency tries on its level to facilitates its consumers.

What is a consumer protection agency?

Consumer protection agency is the agency where consumers submit and file complaints against any brand or company for their unfair, deceptive and fraudulent activities. After collecting complaints and conducting investigation these agencies take some steps to resolve consumer complaints. They also educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

When you submit your complaint to any Consumer Protection Agency your complaint goes through several steps. There are some basic steps which every Consumer protection agencies take in order to resolve consumer complaints:

Use Social Media: For the resolution of complaints most of the times Social media proofs very beneficially. Once a complaint shared by any consumer protection agency it may be the chances that it may get resolved. Most of the time this simply works because no company wants to portray a bad picture of their support. Social Media is the best way nowadays to reach more people and express our thoughts.

Sending mails and messages to company: If still there is no resolution of complaint done then the consumer protection agency find the contact details of the company against which complaint is filled by the consumer. They send the emails and messages to the company on their behalf. These emails and messages include all the details of complaint and demand to resolve the complaint.

Sending Legal Notice to the company: Furthermore, the other option which the consumer protection agency takes is drafting the consumer complaint based on the consumer’s choice and send the professional legal notice to the company.

Hiring Lawyer: In general, people waste a lot of time and money in hiring the lawyer for their case but many consumer protection agencies also help in providing the lawyer facility to the consumers for further resolution.

Approach to Consumer Court at different level: According to the loss and damages, the consumer can approach the consumer court at the different level. Consumer Protection Act 1986 states that consumers can file their complaints in Consumer Court at the district, state or national level along with the documents required. But sometimes it also becomes uneasy for consumers to prepare documents and it may also take a lot of time. Consumer Protection Agency also helps consumers in preparing the documents to approach consumer court.

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