Holi festival in Haryana

Holika will be a combustion all over the country on Thursday in full moon of Phalgun Shukla. Dhulandi will be celebrated on Friday. This is happening after many years. From March 1 to March 8 morning, the full moon day will take place, but it will also be filled with Bhadra. It is said that the Holika combustion is not done in Bhadra. In such a way, Holika Dahan Phalgun will be done after sacrificing the full moon of the Shukla party of the month. This year, on Thursday, full moon and night is 6:30, Magha constellation till 11:45 pm, Upagund Yoga at 7:45 am, after this, Sukma Yoga and Bhadra are from 9: 9 in the evening to 7:51 pm.

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