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It is actually a big problem for people who want to learn online marketing from scratch. I mean, you can’t just go to the university to study it, because it’s so new and it changes so quickly.
In fact, forget university, you can’t even go to a book store and get a decent book on the topic.
Well, how to learn Digital Marketing it, then? You have to go online and find everything you need on the Internet. But how do you actually find legit information in a niche that is full of scams and trash?
I made a list of websites that will help you with that . On these websites, you will find a lot of high quality free material and you will also get a reality check, because people who run these sites are honest and tell you what it actually takes to succeed online.
I read these websites almost every single day and recommend you to do the same if you’re serious about learning online marketing.
Methods of Online Marketing- 
There are many ways to do online marketing as the phone can do online marketing from a laptop , online marketing can be done only by the convenience of the internet.
online marketing platform –   
Facebook , twitter .Instagram ,all social media platform
Benefits Of Online Marketing  –
Now  we talk about what benefits we get from online marketing.so friends the biggest advantage is that we do not have to go anywhere we can market your product very easily by sitting at home and online marketing also saves our time too much and benefits greatly.i mean saving money from online is also very savings i mean  .that’s very much less money is spent in online marketing so friends my suggestion is that you too should be thinking of doing online marketing

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