Beck Oliver is one of the seven fundamental emails of Successful

Beck Oliver is one of the seven fundamental emails of Successful

They are Jade West’s date and appears to be the best choice of one’s gang. On account of their strengths and you may a good-seems and especially their fluffy tresses, he or she is well-accepted having ladies (plus young adult lady). He and is apparently extremely calm, wise, and you will adult at the most minutes. Their skill was acting and certainly will become referred to as a pretty kid.


Beck is very glamorous, in which he gets a lot of attention off their women and even more youthful mature ladies, such socialite Alyssa Vbulance rider in the Jade Places Beck, and you will Katie, the female movie director on Wood. As the found in A movie by the Dale Squires, when he claims he’s going to be capable of geting certain cheerleaders to come over and you will correspond with Robbie, the guy appears to be alert to the end result their appears provides on opposite gender. not, Beck remains fairly modest about any of it, and it also seems that the guy just uses their physical appearance and then make Jade envious. They are known to be called good “pretty son” because of their physical appearance.

Their locks are said to be one of is own extremely glamorous have, as mentioned for the Freak the brand new Freak-out, Locked-up!, Helen Rear, and you will Riding Tori In love. Jade actually mentioned to the TheSlap one to she’d end up being delivering their solution or other facts along with her on a trip one to week-end so he “wouldn’t look good while she is moved”. Like was their hair’s reputation you to Tori Takes Needs #8 is actually seriously interested in enjoying when the Tori make it lookup ugly.


Beck is extremely form, mental, soft-spoken, easy-going Beard sex dating site, level-headed, adult past his decades who appears to get along with someone, even anybody such as Robbie, Pet, and you can Sinjin, that are thought a little strange. Even when he will not constantly get involved with drama, he’s brief to simply help some one out, such as for instance when he fixed Robbie’s vehicle for the A film by the Dale Squires, helped discover characters to spell Ke$ha when you look at the Ice-cream having Ke$ha, and you can performed Tori’s stunt for her in the Beck Drops for Tori.

Even when Beck has become the most typical and you may sane of all of the the new letters, the guy doesn’t chat far and you may appears to be rather silent. Their locker is obvious to help you depict the truth that he “doesn’t have gifts.” The guy requires acting very seriously, and you can thinks you to definitely acting is actually regarding the “perhaps not pretending at all, but allowing the fresh new attitude within you appear and represent times. ” (The new Wood). Something different you to suggests his silent, separate personality is that the the guy lifestyle by himself in the an enthusiastic Rv, in lieu of with his mothers, therefore he can provides his own rules. Little is known in the his family members or background.

Beck is an extremely talented and highly acknowledged actor during the Hollywood Arts. Though it is proven which he could play your guitar, sing, and you may dance, he is apparently a whole lot more worried about pretending than just music. The guy got 2nd added Sikowitz’s method pretending difficulties in Sleepover during the Sikowitz’s and certainly will including chat in various decorations very well.

Even with their reference to Jade, Beck appears to benefit from the focus he gets from other people (Airplane pilot, Nut the new Panic, plus the Timber) and you can barely brings up the fact that the guy already has a good wife instead anyone else (usually Cat otherwise Jade) bringing-up it very first. Beck doesn’t have a look too concerned with just how that it ideas has an effect on Jade, usually dismissing her and in case she provides so it right up, and you will seems to delight in rilling right up the lady jealousy and permitting the woman mark her own conclusionspared to help you their spouse, Beck will not frequently get jealous effortlessly, becoming rather uncaring with regards to Sinjin flirting which have Jade, however, this is a great deal more due to how unrealistic it is you to definitely Jade manage come back Sinjin’s attitude while the Beck appeared quite envious by Jade flirting having Moose.

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