Why Do Business Owners Monitor Their Employees with Screen Recording App?

There is a misconception that organizations monitor their workers only when they do not trust them. However, there are numerous reasons to track the activities of your staff members. It is nearly impossible for the owners to have their ears and eyes over the workers all the time.

That’s why; it makes more sense to utilize a screen recording app that can help you know what is going on in your company. When an organization tracks its workers, they install the spy software on the company-owned devices. They can view the tracked information on an internet-connected device whenever they want.

Most companies rely on the tool to check social media usage, sent and received emails, text messages, internet history, documents, instant messaging apps, and much more. When the workers send or receive text messages or emails, the app will instantly send the same information to you.

It is a great tool that supports you to easily evaluate the performance of your staff. To enjoy better results, you must inform your team members that you are spying them.

Is it legal to monitor the activities of your workers secretly and remotely?

It is legal to spy the activities of your team members secretly. Before deploying the monitoring software on your workers’ devices, make sure to fulfill these conditions.

  • Inform your staff and take their permission to be tracked
  • Install the spy tool only on the company-owned devices
  • Only company-related information should be monitored

It is illegal to deploy the monitoring tool on their devices to view their private data.

Important Reasons to Keep an Eye on Your Employees’ Activities with Screen Recording Tool

Reveal the Weaknesses in Your Company

Entrepreneurs can assess their business to reveal the flaws by using screen recorder software. There could be numerous weak points in a business such as procedures, overall structure, tools, and technology being utilized, resources, and workers. You can find these weak points in the data that is recovered. You can take advantage of that valuable information to improve your business.

Boost Your Workers’ Productivity

Personnel plays a fundamental role in the accomplishments of a company. If we say, they are the actual driving force behind a brand, then it would not be wrong. An organization can’t function without employees. That’s why; company owners are always worried about the productivity of their team.

When you will use the screen recording tool, it will empower you to see what they are doing in your absence. When they will know their screens are being monitored, they will never waste time on social media platforms or other unproductive activities.

Protect Your Company’s Valuable Assets and Information

The most precious thing for an organization is its confidential data including documents, records, customers, and clients’ email contacts, and much more. In this technological age, if you will not monitor your employees, there are higher chances of them betraying you with a third-party.

Track Your Work-From-Home Staff

If you have a team that works from home or your workers travel a lot for work purposes, then you should monitor their activities to confirm they are trustworthy. If they use company-owned devices, the screen recorder app will enable you to ensure they are performing their official duties honestly.

What A Screen Recording Tool Can Do and How It Works?

Small mistakes by employees can cost heavy losses to the organizations. Therefore, they wish to know what their team is doing on the company-owned android devices. The app helps them track every activity of their workers secretly and remotely in real-time. It makes short videos clips and sends them to the web control panel.

Features of The Screen Recording App

  • Real-time screen recording of all android devices
  • Remote screen recording of any android smartphone
  • View all the screen recording short video clips via the web control panel
  • Capture videos of the mobile phone’s screen in a sequence
  • Track passwords, conversations, media, and keystrokes of your targeted device
  • Monitor all the exchanged emails, YouTube search and watch history, social media applications, and passcodes.


If you don’t want to be get deceived by your workers, you should use the TheOneSpy remote screen recording app to view their screens in real-time.

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