Enhance UX Design to Improve Conversion Rate and Increase Revenues

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One bad experience is enough to make users never return to a website. There are so many instances where people stop going to a website after they face a terrible experience there. This scenario is one of the reasons why it is essential to have a fitting Website Design that will attract users. This user experience is not related to any particular sector of the app or website. It is the overall experience that a specific user got during their visit to the site.

The emotional connection that users feel with a website plays an important role here. The Web UI UX design services will go a long way in providing exceptional service to a user. Three simple website design tips will help in creating a better user experience.

Consistent Branding Yields Results

You know every brand has a particular color palette, font, and typography. The website needs to depict its brand consistently. If you check any company’s website, you will find the user interface, which is pretty similar to the branding of that particular brand. Create brand recognition for your company and ensure that it depicts the entire website.

Let us take an example of a website from Walmart. If you check the site, you will find the logo always present at the left end of the website. The company designed this website with a pretty simple user interface. Users can shop; visit it without putting in any effort. No matter in which page the users are in, they will always find the logo appearing before them. Every page of this website screams that it belongs to Walmart. This effectiveness is how you have to design your website. The UI design should be simple and easily understandable by the visitors.

Even after getting out of the website, they should be able to remember your brand name. This impact is the way one should craft a website that is precise for the users. Create a pretty stable environment on the site, which makes it simple for the visitors to check out.

Connecting and Impressing the Consumers Works

The only way to generate revenue through your website is because of the consumers. So, you must create a website that consumers can understand and get connected. No matter what kind of feature you want to add to your website, ensure that your consumers understand it correctly.

The people who are offering UI UX design services should think from the customer’s perspective and not from their likings. They have to walk through the entire website and check whether it is customer-friendly or not. This task is a critical aspect, but sadly most people tend to ignore it.

Once you are through with consumer research, you will understand what kind of features customers want and whatnot. This way, you will be able to remove the elements or other things that are aesthetically appealing but aren’t helpful for the end-users.

Conduct an A/B test for any new feature that you add on the website and ensure that it yields results. You must understand how relevant these results will be. You should be able to invest in providing better user experience all the time to get proper results.

Effective Call To Actions Improve Conversions

Steering visitors to your website and making them potential customers are two different things. Never combine or even think of combining both of them at all. Although many times when a person visits your website, it is not easy for him to understand what to do there.

This scenario is one of the reasons why you need to incorporate a “call to action” button on your website. Tell customers exactly what they have to do in the next step, and this will help you in understanding various kinds of aspects.

From fonts to other important details, be clear about everything when you are designing a “call to action” button. There are some of the significant points that you have to offer a lookout.

  • Buttons should be substantially large, and no matter wherever the customer clicks on it, it should take the visitor to the required page.
  • Be clear with your call to action button. Users should understand where it is taking them immediately. As in “Buy Now,” “Visit Page,” or “message us.”
  • Keep font simple and the design visually appealing
  • Give the button a different hue and ensure that it stands out on the page. Apart from color, you can add a unique shape too.
  • Add design elements if it fits with the page

Key Takeaways

Eventually, investing in user experience design will offer a sturdy return on investment in the future. Even there are other enhancements like swift loading time and website response speed which will improve UX. With a team of in-house experts for UI UX Design Solutions, Pixlogix is committed to delivering consistent and high-quality services based on your needs.


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