Understanding How Fuel Purchase Credit Cards Work

Credit cards have already been hugely accepted in the Indian market and as a result, numerous financial institutions have come up with cards featuring benefits for specific expenses. These include fuel, travel, shopping, etc. 

Of these, fuel credit cards have especially gained popularity since they aid customers in not just fuel expenses but also in expenses incurred at the destinations reached by driving. Among the numerous factors which contribute to a card effectively being the best credit card for fuel, most crucial is that of universal acceptance irrespective of the brand of a fuel station. 

Additionally, this also includes some offer or the other at the gas station concerned irrespective of the brand. 

While these cards are accepted at every gas station, rates of discount or reward points accumulation can vary since financial institutions have tie-ups with specific brands only. Typically, discounts can be availed only over minimum fuel purchases though some NBFCs offer flat discounts too. 

Additionally, reward points are often gifted on purchases which can be accumulated over time and redeemed later. Tertiary benefits like discounts on hotel and restaurant bills of specific brands, access to airport lounges, etc. are perks which are also usually available on best credit cards for fuel.

With advantageous features aiding in costs of fuel, it is very important customers look up all the other features offered in details. Some credit cards offer benefits which effectively match fuel cards in cutting down of fuel expenses. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is one such card with all the discussed features and additional ones to cater to many other expenses.

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