The influence of Traditional Wears on a Society

As we all are aware that India is a multidimensional country, comprising billions and billions of population spread all over the country. The country is of varied tradition and rituals, but still, with all these variations, the basic culture remains all the same. Due to this reason, the apparel and costumes are observed and also given much importance, which as their own history. And it is our responsibility to carry on this tradition with having continuity all over the world.

Every fashion and trends have their roots somewhere, and we revolve around them. Revolution is a wave that is going on lately in recent centuries. Trends can be anything, starting from the bell-bottoms, to check prints, booby prints, Be it a size zero, or body decorating such as tattooing, piercing or even surgeries can be taken into account. 

We all know what we wear and how we look establishes our own personality to the outside world. With limited knowledge of mine, I would love to share about the trends and their impacts on our society. You can easily get a great discount on traditional wear online using Amazon Coupon Code.

We started from the Indus Valley civilization, going through the Maurya dynasty, Gupta, Mughal and then comes the British. Even after the rule o British for 200 years in our country, we Indians are still able to maintain our own identity and have carried our traditional perpetual. But lately, the introduction of these modern styles and western cultures are engulfing our rich Indian society. Out inner Indian culture is getting faded away and now its high time to worry about as they are on the verge of extinction. 

If now it is not taken care of or put into consideration we will eventually lose our richness. But we also know that we Indians are always and will be evergreen. It will be ruling in the future also. Or else, our next generations will only be able to see the remains in the museum. We should promote our culture and heritage in such a manner that the layering of other outside culture vanishes and keeping the culture alive among the people.

Fashion Trends And Its Impact On Society

From the day we are born, till growing towards the white hair, broken teeth, we all have our own fashion trends and statements. Fashion is never-ending and revolves around the human race either or the other. Fashion and taste is something which we need to deal daily. 

With our age, we look a lot of revolution in the world of fashion. It affects a lot to the country’s economy and globally also. It affects Indian politics, art, and culture and also can play an important role in someone’s personal life. It affects the society greatly, be it be passed, present or future, it will last long, as long as the human race exists.

Trends changes with time, a new trend peeps though, designers modify them according to their own versions, we people buy them and with time again the trend eventually fades away – time for another upcoming trend. Fashion trends have a broad spectrum, ranging from footwear, clothing, makeup, accessories and much more.

But the most prevailing one is the apparel section. It was estimated to grow from $220 billion by the year 2020 and so becomes most famous among all.

Out country and society has shared laws and customs and organizations. There are various classes residing in one single country and all are following their own different dressing habits and lifestyle. We need to take care of them as a whole while delivering our thoughts. But one thing we should always keep in mind is what we wear depicts who we are and you can also apply for fashion designer jobs to know about this field.

Everything has positive and negative values attached to it, so the same lies to our dressing culture. The innovations brought up by these new generations are worth complimenting as India has also now competed internationally, but on the other hand, they are also projecting the wrong impression and carrying them improperly. Revealing your body was never a part of Indian culture. May be Indian culture has lost its richness due to these upcoming trends. Very few teens and youngsters are now left who still prefers the Indian apparel and love to carry them. But India is a democratic country, having the freedom of expression and the women empowerment.


The main aim of this article was to see how the apparel trend has an impact on us as well as our society. The changes have been carried for centuries, but our ancestors have always tried to preserve the rich Indian Culture even after the strong influence of British for decades over us.

But with recent past and upcoming years, western culture has greatly affected the Indian tradition, changing the minds on the new generations. While we are accepting the western trends, and the West getting influenced by us.

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