We hire maids for our homes and office cleanings. They are also known as housekeepers or house cleaners. Their job description is not definite they hire for any task or any work for any length of time. Sometimes we hire them part-time and sometimes we hire them full time. Their responsibilities always vary according to their salary. We hire them through our personal recognition, any reference or through any maid hiring agency. They do from wiping to vacuuming. Through the agency, they may be hired by private homeowners or by business work for companies who seek them to clean offices and conference rooms. Hotel chains also get their professional services. They do regular room cleaning, change bedsheets and alternate towels and bathrobes. Maids make their availability on their own choice and their own timings.

Their responsibilities depend upon the above-stated factors. Their responsibilities may include vacuuming and washing of carpets. They generally vacuum carpets daily. They have proper training and knowledge about carpet washing methods and techniques. They take care of stains and odor. They use appropriate washing detergents and shampoos. After handling carpet there come floors. Maids do sweep dust and the clean floor surface. Whether it is a floor surface or furniture surface, appliances covers, they may are shelves or walls, maids made them shine, dust-free and mess-free. Maids freshen the air of rooms by making them clean and germ-free.

Maids are generally expected to clean and scrub bit and bytes of the kitchen as well as bathrooms, their tiles, shelves, walls, and fittings. They manage cabinets and cupboards of kitchen and bathrooms. They change and wash handkerchiefs, towels and table covers. They clean with a point of view to remove grease, soap scums, fungus and molds. They wipe mirrors and machinery. Refrigerator and oven cleaning is the real task. In residence areas like homes and hotel rooms they provide services of collecting linens and towels which are dirty, from clean one. In hotel rooms, they change bathroom cleaning articles like soap and shampoos daily and in-room when they get finished. They may also place menus and hotel information booklets and surveys there.

Some people hire maids for more specific tasks like cleaning basements or manage attic. They may hire them for maintaining and Carpet Cleaning the study room. Their assigned job maybe is watering or growing plants. They may specifically have to take care of the baby or some elderly person apart from doing baby sting or nursing. For the short term, we may hire a maid for certain party mess arrangements and afterward wind up. These other chores list extends to purchasing of groceries, clean residues and debris from the garage, driveway, garden and swimming pool, purchase of or order groceries and household supplies, keep kitchen supplied with all ingredients, and maintain a record of expenditures. Remove debris from driveways, garages, and swimming pool areas. Maids are helping hands we shall respect them and appreciate their work frequently.

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