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PUBG Corporation, a company which is a subsidiary of South Korea based company Bluehole, has developed and published an online mobile phone game commonly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The composer of the game is Tom Salta and the developers are PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Xbox, Game Studios and Tencent Games. This is the best-selling, most popular gaming mobile app which has sold 50 million copies.

The game is computer-based and a paid one which costs about $30 for online purchase. The Corporation has developed its Android version also. The greatest number of players in this game in the year 2017 is from the USA and in the year 2018 from China.

Although the game is very popular globally, the some state governments in India have decided to ban this game due to its dangerous and addictive features. Notwithstanding the ban, a number of people are still playing, and the law enforcement agencies made certain arrests of such players. It is true that the game has certain dangerous features which can cause injury or death.

The brief about the game is mentioned here in succeeding paragraphs.

Design and Development

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game’s main concepts and designs were led by a man known as Brendan Greene. He has previously made games like ARMA 2 mod DayZ, Battle Royale. The Irish-born Greene was a photographer, web designer, and graphic designer. He used to play games like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down the well-known game about America’s Army. As he used to play DayZ mod, he learned some programming and thought it as a realistic military simulation and about its open-ended gameplay. Greene also found out that many first-person shooters found the map small and easy to remember.

Brendan Greene wanted to create a map that is big, which can’t be easily memorized. In addition to this, he also used random item place so the players will not think what to expect and whatnot. Greene wanted to make a game that could be easily played by everyone. He wanted to make a square play area but due to less knowledge in coding, it came out like a circle. He wanted to create a game that can be played, and players should be completely excited about the match.

Brendan Greene left Sony Online and then was called by Bluehole to make a game like how Greene wanted. They hired developers from ARMA and DayZ. In a year they published the game that became the best-selling game of the world.

Mobile Gaming – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This game is just like a survival one. You have to team up or stay single, then kill other players and get the chicken dinner. You have to be in the safe zone which decreases over time. If you are stuck outside the safe zone, your health will start getting reduced. You should also pick some medical kits, pain killers, energy drinks and bandages.

If someone tries to kill your teammate, there is still hope. You can revive (heal them) by going near them at the right time and click on the revive button. If you see some suspicious activities in some buildings, quickly throw a flag grenade or just an ordinary one. Then go near the stairs and keep yourself near the roof and you will be able to see the other player.

If you want to surprisingly kill your opponent, get on the window and then step on the cement lining and keep walking till the desired distance and then get on the roof, kill the player. But don’ try to lay too much as it many side-effects and addiction which also leads to violence or in some cases even death by cardiac arrest.

The lite version of the game has been launched recently in Philippines. The company is planning the same lite version to release in India too. This lite version game can be played on low data access and hence can be played in areas where data speed is 2G or 3G like rural areas in India.

According to Google play ranking, PUBG is ranking in five most popular gaming mobile app in India. In India, the game is mostly played on Android mobile phones. As per the gamers, a 30 minutes session is generally played by an average player. It is sure that the popularity of the game in India is set to rise and in future the PC version sale will also increase.

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