List of Date night romantic comedy movies that won’t bore you!

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Excited for your date night with your bae? Date nights are special, and so is the planning. If you want your night to go as perfectly as it can, then it needs a bit of planning. Infact preparing for a night like this is really exciting. Cooking favorite meals, arranging candlelight dinner, popping the best bottle of wine, getting a flower delivery in Delhi for them, all this is what it takes for a perfect night.

I know that all this has been up in your mind from the time your date was fixed, and it doesn’t seem to leave your mind even at work or when you sleep. So, you may not want to take any chance to not be fully prepared for it, right?

After all, it’s not any ordinary night, it’s a DATE NIGHT! A night when you’re going to spend time with someone who has been giving you butterflies all this while. It’s like your chance to express your personality, and that should not come out as boring. One very engaging idea is to turn it into a movie night. 

Now, your hands might run for a romantic genre, but you know a romantic movie can sometimes make the moments dull. Oh and, you might draw some fictional, unrealistic comparisons your way.

That is probably the last thing you would want, right? To avoid it, and keep the mood light while maintaining a friendly – cuddly mood, go for a rom-com. But what exactly are you gonna watch? Well, it can be a task of delicate balance as you have to match two different tastes. 

That is why pick a genre that goes well with everyone, and instead of picking an average, select a great one. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference. 

Isn’t it romantic? 

Let’s start with a movie that is not very old, so it would be easy to find. Released last year, this movie is about a girl named Natalie who has always been cynical about love all her life. Her life changes when she is knocked unconscious by a burglar and things follow—pretty good movie to watch. 

Monster in law

Isn’t the title just amazing? The movie is about a girl who has a bad experience with bad dates. Now that she thinks she has finally met her Mr. Perfect, another problem pops, her mother in law. It is a fantastic watch. Make sure your bae understands the humor and won’t take it personally. 


Released in 2013, the story about a lonely writer who ends up falling for her virtual assistant. Can he develop romantic feelings for his machine? Sounds fun? Add to your list. 

Roman holiday

So, this is one of the best romantic movies of the time. It is a classic which casts Audrey Hepburn Gregory Peck. It is a beautiful movie, and I won’t disclose its story. You have to watch it yourself. 

These movies will give you some best time together as they are funny and cute. You will find them in your streaming service. 



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