How to dry wet blanket in winter season?

The most effective ways to dry a wet blanket in the winter season are discussed below:

  • In a complete automatic (top or front-loading) Rug Cleaning NYC machine with a spinning cycle that drains out the water contents to dry the blanket just after the rinsing process, always apply the low heat setting to protect the blanket’s fabric from any possible damage. In some models of the washing machines, the dryer compartment is separate. The blanket is transferred into the dryer after the completion of the rinse cycle and washing process. It is up to you either you want to dry the blanket by the dryer or your own.
  • Hanging the blanket on a clothesline is one of the best options to protect the fabric of the blanket. Use clips or clothespins that must be strong enough that can hold the weight of your wet blanket easily. Drying of the wet blanket speeds up for free under the heat of the sun. The fresh cool air also helps in drying the recently washed blanket just like drying of a carpet or rug after cleaning/repairing. Moreover, ultra-violet rays coming from the sun act like a natural disinfectant that kills the germs and harmful bacteria present in the blanket. If the sunlight is not so intense in the winter season, then there is an alternative to dry the blanket. Find an open area where you can lay the blanket flat and wait for it to dry. The floor area must be clean enough that it would not allow any dust particles to stick with the recently washed blanket. If in case you have not much wider space for laying the blanket then use a drying rack instead. This technique is much suitable for limited space in winters especially.
  • Drying a Fleece blanket after a wash in winters is always a challenging task for the users. They are comfortable and softer to use. Their drying requires extra care and attention to avoid their sensitive fibers from damage. Apply the low heat settings while drying the fleece blanket in an electric dryer. Excessive heat can cause small balls to form or pilling due to the increasing heat by tumbling and spinning motion. Fold the blanket at once, when they are fully dry and set them in your store. In addition, a dehumidifier can also be placed inside the storage cabinets to prevent the growth of bacteria and allergens.

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