How I Surprise My Cutest Niece With A Beautiful Barbie Doll Cake?

I love kids, whenever I see, a kid I can’t stop me to hug that kid. You know, it is said that kids are the second face of God. And, I truly believe in it. Whenever you are sad or in stress, just spent some time with a kid. I assure you, your mood automatically will change. I personally believe that home and family are blessed, if they have a kid in their home. When a boy takes birth, it gives huge happiness. But when a girl takes birth, she comes with good luck and wealth. That’s why when a baby girl takes birth, people say “Laxmi” came. Same thing my Dad also said, when my elder sister gave birth a little princess. And, last week she turned into 5 years old girl. You will not believe, she is just 5 years old. But, her tantrums are, oh my god. She behaves like a teenage girl, but she’s a cutie. So, now tell you what happened on her birthday.

Story Begins

Last week, it was Ayat’s birthday. Because my and my sister-in-law’s house both in the same city. So, we plan to celebrate her 5th birthday together. Because she is the only child in both homes, that’s why she is more special for us. That’s why we decided, this year we will celebrate her birthday in a grand way. We created a WhatsApp group, only for her birthday planning. We decided theme to cake everything according to her likes. Because she is the doll of our life. So, we selected a beautiful Barbie doll cake for her birthday.  Everything was planned, we all distributed our work. And, we start implementing according to the plan. Cake and her birthday dress was my responsibility & you can order online flower in delivery delhi. So, I thought that I will keep her birthday frock and Barbie doll in the same color.

According to my plan, I order a beautiful barbie frock and barbie doll cake. Thanks to Bloomsvilla according to my choice, I easily get cake in Bangalore. They deliver on time, on my doorstep. So, I was very happy because everything going on according to the plan. But as you know, nothing goes according to your plan. Her birthday came, the party started everything going well. Suddenly, a sound pop in my ear, it was the sound of dropping the cake box. While playing with her friends, Ayat mistakenly pushes the cake box. And, it completely smashes over the floor. She started crying, everyone at the party became sad, especially my birthday girl. So, I said what happened we will make a Barbie doll cake at home. You just enjoy the party. You know what, I can’t tell you about my nervousness at that time.  I said, that I will make a birthday cake & flowers delivery in mumbai. for her, but it was not easy. I had made so many cakes before but never ever made Barbie doll cake. But I can’t see my doll sad, so I said to myself that you have to make it.

Making of Barbie Doll Start


I came to the kitchen and started arranging ingredients first.  Then I arrange a baking mold. I have seen the recipe for the Barbie doll cake recipe a week before. That’s why it was in my mind.  So I started making the batter first, then I left oven for preheating on 180 Celsius. I mixed flour, powder sugar, butter, baking powder, essence for flavor and color and other ingredients. After making the batter I grease the mold and put it in the oven. After one hour or a little bit more from one hour, finally, the cake was ready. You know, it looked like a Barbie doll cake but I was really nervous about the taste. When my little angel cut her birthday.

cake, and she fed her first bite to her father. That time I can’t tell you about my nervousness. It feels like my exam result is just coming out. But, when he said that it is yummy, I can’t tell you about my relaxation. Everybody enjoyed the cake a lot at the party. write for us more blog birthday celebrations.


It was really scary and special both day for me. But, I am happy everything ended well. And, my cake became the start of the party.

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