How B2C Travel Portal is Effective for The Online Firms

Whether you are in your initial stage or already started a travel business, having a strong hold in the market is very important. The travel industry is ruthless and fierce and to survive in such a huge, over-crowded market is very tough. So, smart implementation of travel technology solution is necessary for the sustainable growth of any travel business. Technology has emerged as a boon to mankind and the commercial field of travel sector is no exception. It is empowering the industry to deliver some unique and exceptional features and services to the consumers by aggregating travel contents.

It made the different travel sectors to collaborate with each other to further create a complete travel package to distribute it among the consumers. To stand ahead in the market, one needs to inculcate the best features in the online platform and B2C White Label Solution is one such feature that ensures making online reservation process simpler and faster for all kinds of clients. It empowers the travelers to be their own travel agent as they get access to the wholesale pricing usually reserved for only travel agents, thus the travel firms can earn more profits as they no longer required to pay commissions to the travel agents.

Services of B2C travel portal provides are mentioned below:

  • You can sell domestic, international and low cost airlines, issue, re-issue or reschedule flight tickets from the back end.
  • You can sell hotels of the choice of the end-customer
  • Sell customized holiday packages which also includes flight and accommodation facility
  • Select your own design, company logo and integrate other features to beat the race in the market and create your own identity and brand name.
  • Manage and promote your own services by offering discount and cash back
  • 24*7 customer service with access to real time inventory

Key capabilities of B2C White Label Travel Website:

  • Real time inventory management of flight, hotel, bus etc.
  • Integration of multiple payment gateways with secure layer to avoid any security breaching
  • API integration of multiple GDS consolidators
  • Manage negotiable rates with each supplier on mark-ups, commissions from admin panel
  • Options to set up different mark-up options
  • Multi-language and currency options
  • Live chat and 24*7 customer care facility
  • Registration and membership for customers
  • User-friendly front and back-end platform
  • Secure authentication process

It is very certain that B2C Travel Portal is an important tool to enhance the periphery of an online travel agency and it helps the business remain focused on the core task. Everyone wants to earn maximum profit with minimum investment and B2C provide you with the same. The foremost value it adds to your website is to increase brand value and also helps to integrate multiple services at a single location. The small or start-ups need to develop their brand value in order to grow and sustain in the industry.

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