Homemade décor items that enhance your interior design

A living room is the core center of a house as this is located where people interact, including their friends. That is why this portion of the house is the place that will leave a long-term impression on the visitors and guests of your house. This article will look some of the décor items other than carpets/rugs, and curtains that can be made at home by using simple items easily. It is, therefore, so important to ensure that you work to enhance the beauty and appearance of the living room. Following are some useful tips and tricks in this regard:

  • Painted Bottle Vases are useful in alluring the living room. It can be made at home easily. Paint the bottles in the step by step process. You can use then these painted vases as a decorative item in your living room by setting flowers and plants in them. You can give a variety of colors to these vases and place them on a table to enhance the beauty of your living room Carpet Cleaning
  • DIY Old Windows are among the finest decorative ideas for a living room, as it gives a retro feel to your place. Although it is not a functional item, but acts as more than a piece of art with some storage space to make shelves as well. It is much easier to construct as it requires only a drill machine to drill two planks, which will work as a shelf, and hence, your old window project is completed.
  • A DIY Coffee Table can be constructed at home easily. It only requires the pine boards and wheels. Due to wheels, it can be used to transfer things in different rooms of the home. It looks simple and captivating for the living room.
  • Storage Sofa can be used to store extra blankets and pillows, which can be double up to be used as a guest bed. The items are readily available in the market to construct it and cost only $100-$150. It has many diverse advantages with a suitable square design that will surely attract most of your guests.

DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder is an inexpensive idea for a blanket ladder as it costs just $9-$11. This decorative piece can be constructed simply and provides character to the living room. Be comfortable while you are working with the tools that are requisite in the fabrication of this piece. Once its construction is completed, It will look more likely a rug that makes it unique and amazing. This decor item is functional and chic simultaneously.

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