Growing Demand for Specialized Skill Sets in Data Science

Data science has been a leading employment generator for quite some time now. Increase in investment on data science by both corporate biggies and governmental agencies foretell that the field will continue to dominate the employment landscape. However recruiters today look for specific skill sets in job seekers to suite their purpose and this is perhaps the most important factor that one should keep in mind before seeking a job in the field of data science or any of its associated fields.

What changed?

Previously companies looked for ‘do it all unicorns’ who could perform a lot of tasks alone. As the data science and analytics teams in companies started to mature, the recruiters understood the value of certain skills. For instance, after the massive increase in the popularity of Python as a data science tool, recruiters started preferring those individuals who has skill and experience in Python. Now, the demand is very specific for only certain skill sets and only individuals possessing those skill sets are getting employed faster.

How you can use this trend to your advantage?  

If you aim to secure a lucrative job in the field of data science, you must use this trend to your advantage. Understand which skills are in demand and try to get trained on those. Spot the trending tools and platforms and gain experience on those. Get enrolled in courses that will enable you to learn industry relevant skills. 

For instance, a Data science Python course will help you immensely in learning the skills and tricks of the most popular data science tool at the moment.  Such a course will teach you how Python is used for data crunching, scientific computations, data visualization, advanced data analytics and many more. Thus, a Data science Python course will significantly increase your chances of getting roped in by market leaders like Google and Facebook.

Why Python?

In a survey released by KDnuggets in May, 2019 Python came out on the top of 11 most widely used data science platforms. The survey shows that almost 66% users use Python as the preferred data science platform. And why not, Python tops the chart of the most used programming language and the Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas and Scipy are well equipped to perform high end functions required in Data science. Top companies like Bank of America and Facebook use Python for data crunching and data analysis. 

It is also interesting to know that a data scientist with python skills make Rs 814,169! Hence, aspirants of data science must equip themselves with Python skills which not only help them to secure a good job but also a hefty salary.

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