Do you know what Facebook know about you?

I as of late quit Facebook, however, chose to return for one last errand: To discover precisely what Facebook thinks about me. 

After some fast burrowing, I discovered that Facebook customer service

  1. Where I’m signed in and on what PC 
  2. I like cell phones and am an early tech adopter 
  3. I’ve clicked promotions for PC satchels 
  4. I am well on the way to associate with promotions from Lyft and Nike over others 
  5. I’m liberal however like to find out about Republican news stories 
  6. I’m hitched 
  7. My birthday is in March 

I gave a portion of this data to Facebook, while other information Facebook assembled dependent on my connections. I will deactivate my record once more, however, before I do I needed to walk you through how to discover what Facebook thinks about you, as well. 

Before we begin, realize that you can click any picture underneath to see a bigger rendition. How about we go. 

To begin with, open your Facebook page and tap “Settings” at that point “Advertisements.” 

This is the place you’ll see an accumulation of what Facebook thinks about you, including your interests, promoters you’ve communicated with (did you like a post? Open a connection to an item Facebook indicated you?) and the sky is the limit from there. Note that you’ll have the option to change the settings, as well, so you can mood killer intrigue based promotions, control who can see your cooperations with advertisements, and then some. 

Facebook comprehends what you’re destined to cooperate with 

Here, Facebook demonstrates to me the promotions I may find in my news channel dependent on interests and applications I’ve signed into utilizing Facebook. Lyft, Netflix, Indiegogo, Warby Parker, Zillow, Nike, the “Web of Things” and others all showed up on my page. 

Exchanging between the tabs, I found that Facebook additionally realizes I like dachshunds (I possess one, however, I don’t know how Facebook realizes that), recent developments, chickens (peculiar), fleece (off base) and merino (odd, since I as of late purchased a couple of Merino sweaters yet not through Facebook!) 

Facebook likewise demonstrates the ideological group in supposes you’re an individual. To discover yours, tap the “way of life and culture” tab under your interests. Facebook supposes I’m keen on the Republican Party. That is off base, so I surmise this is a success for me as far as security. 

It knows your propensities 

Facebook can give your data to promoters dependent on whether you’re hitched or not, who you’re utilized by, your title, your instruction and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It knows where I work, where I went to class and that I’m hitched, however mostly on the grounds that I told it so when I arrangement my profile. Here, you can see that these were altogether flipped to “On.” 

Facebook’s page demonstrates that it realizes my birthday is in March – something I input so I can get the Happy Birthday posts on my birthday every year – yet in addition realizes that I’m a successive voyager, that I’m a connected with the customer and that I’m a tech early adopter. 

All evident. It even says my ideological group slants liberal, which is odd since that negates the previous ideological group recommendation. It additionally knows, in view of my gadget use, that I’m in all probability utilizing 4G or Wi-Fi associations, incline toward Google’s Chrome internet browser and for the most part, get to the system from cell phones or tablets. 

Facebook utilizes this data to “help promoters contact individuals who are well on the way to be keen on their items, administrations, and causes.” Facebook says it incorporates this data-dependent on what I’ve given and my Facebook action. 

It knows your area and the PC or telephone you use to get to Facebook 

Facebook’s “Security and Login” page indicates where you’re signed in and on what PC. It realizes I’m presently utilizing a Windows PC from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, where CNBC central command is. It additionally indicates where my past gadgets have signed in, right back to a Motorola telephone I utilized in Los Angeles in January. Together, Facebook realizes I’ve been to Los Angeles, the place where I grew up in New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Newark, and my office. Sort of dreadful. 

It knows the advertisements you clicked dependent on these propensities 

Facebook knows the accurate promotions I tapped on a particular day, enabling it to take this information and better target new advertisements to you. I’ve clicked advertisements for iPhone cases, new sacks and cell phones over the previous year. 

It realizes what you did years prior 

In the event that you tap the “On This Day” alternative under “Investigate” on the left tab of Facebook, it’ll demonstrate to you what you were up to years back, regardless of whether you didn’t post about it. Facebook orders data from different clients who have labeled you in areas, photographs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and afterward indicates you precisely what you were doing at a particular point in time. I shrouded the greater part of this in my photograph above for security, however, I can see pictures of myself from secondary school that was posted by my companions years back. 

That is the data that Facebook indicates it thinks about you. In the event that you discover it somewhat dreadful, here are the means by which to deactivate your Facebook customer service phone numbers

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