Disadvantages of carpet

It is irrefutable that carpets are serving incredibly in the interior designing of homes but there are some disadvantages as well that can not be ignored:

  • Maintenance (cleaning or repairing) is the main drawback of carpets. Depending on our lifestyle, carpet requires a high level of cleaning. For example, vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis and occasional deep cleaning by professional cleaners. Carpet is almost impossible to clean completely because tiny dust particles can accumulate under the padding and weave. These particles can not be seen nakedly but they always lurking out there deep inside the carpet.
  • Carpet fibers are dirt/dust sensitive and they can easily attract unseen soil particles and debris. They are too susceptible to allergic particles such as dust mites, mold and pet dander. If someone in your family has an allergy from dust or any other respiratory disorder such as Asthma, then you must avoid carpeted floors and apply tile, hardwood or other flooring options instead.
  • Carpets that are synthetically manufactured, have a relatively shorter lifespan than other flooring methods. Other than carpets such as hardwood, resilient, and laminate floorings have greater longevity and can last multiple generations. Although carpets can last longer even about 30 years or much more depending on the quality of Professional Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, maintenance and care, and severity of foot traffic in your carpeted room, it cannot last longer than a shiny, nice hardwood floor. Moreover, styles and trends that are popular in engineered floorings add much value to the homes.
  • It does not even matter that how much you care for your carpets and are diligent at cleaning your carpets by shampoo regularly, stains are the biggest problem for carpets due to constant spillage and wear on its fibers.
  • All carpets are crushed and matted over time due to foot traffic. Wearing of the carpet can not be controlled even via levitating others. High foot traffic areas wear much faster thereby giving a smooth look.
  • Carpets contain toxic chemicals as they are made from synthetic fibers. These chemicals release toxic gas for many years; when you walk in a rug/carpet store, the smell wafting via the air is the chemical/gas from the dye/color, fibers, stain proofing, and fire-resistant coating.
  • The last but not the least negative point about the carpet is that it becomes a dilemma for the homeowners when a child or pet vomits over the carpeted area. Cleaning vomit to one hundred percent out of the fibers is one of the toughest jobs ever.

Keeping all these drawbacks in mind, carpets can be much effective for interior designing in case if you can afford its drawbacks too!

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