An Endeavor for a Bright Future in Data Science

Adjudged as the best possible career choice in the 21st century, Data Science has emerged the most sought-after field today. The immense popularity of Data Science can be attributed to the growing trend of digitization which has sweeper through the entire world.

Today Data is an essential resource for any business in the digital ecosystem and accordingly Data Science has offered amazing techniques by which efficiently leveraging data is possible, making data scientists indispensable.

Moreover, data science is now applied in a variety of fields such as the health care system, fraud detection, intelligence gathering, sports, research and many more. Eventually the demand for data scientists has also increased at a phenomenal rate. This is why a lot of investment is being made on developing and adopting data science.

But is it beneficial to pursue Data Science in India?

India today boasts a rapidly growing Digital economy and the country has recently seen a surge in adaptation and implementation of Data driven technologies. There are several reasons behind that-

  • India is home to more than 600 million internet users and close to 300 million social media users. The number is continuously growing and so is the amount of useful data. Thus, businesses are increasingly inclined towards implementation of Data driven business solutions.
  • The Indian government has taken several steps towards digital transformation of the country and accordingly are providing boosters to research on modern day techs like data science, Machine Learning, Big data etc.
  • The growth of digital sectors like e-commerce, digital service providers and IT is immense. Market leaders like Amazon, Walmart, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture and others have shown keen interest in the Indian market with substantial amount of interests.
  • India lacks skilled data professionals and according to a report by aspiring minds only 2% of India’s Engineers possess requisite skills to get employed in the field of data science!

All these factors are playing an important role in increasing the demand for data scientists in the country. Moreover, a data science course in Delhi, Bangalore or Pune is extremely beneficial not only because of the demand but also because of the hefty salary, job security and growth opportunities!

 Hot skills to look out for in Data Science

Data science is a vast field requiring expertise on a variety of subjects including statistics, advanced mathematics, computer science and cutting-edge data science tools. Moreover, data scientists are also required to possess a keen business acumen, creativity and capability to meet new challenges every day.

Obviously, a good data science course in Delhi or Bangalore will be instrumental in picking up such skills. However still you are needed to go for a course which offers training in popular and in demand data science tools like:

  • R or Python
  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • SAS
  • Tableau

These are some of the most popular data science tools and will be instrumental in boosting your CV as most data science jobs demand expertise on such tools.

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