3 Ways to Save Money on a Trip to France

In case you are planning to visit France, you may be thinking about how to save money while traveling so that your trip could be more affordable. To save money while traveling, you will need the best rates on hotels, transportation, and airfares. This is because a big chunk of your money goes on these things.

In this regard, you can always book an affordable travel package based on your budget. This way, you will be able to find the best bundle including affordable accommodation, airfare, and transportation.

As far as the food costs are concerned, they are quite manageable. You do not necessarily have to dine in fine restaurants. In case you are traveling on a budget, roadside meals or food from inexpensive cafeterias will do!

In this article, I’ll talk about the top three tips that you can use to save money while traveling in France.

Visit France during the offseason

The summer and spring season is the most active time. During these months, France is often filled up with tourists from all over the world. This especially applies to the Southern part of France and Paris. As a result of this, transportation and accommodation costs often spike up.

In case you travel to France during the off-season, you will find many landscapes that are not rushed, fewer tourists, and cheaper accommodation.

However, do remember that some tourist areas will have less infrastructure during these months. Moreover, some places also shut down during winters and only open up in the peak season. Still, you will only pay a fraction of the price.

Consider eating local food

While it is a great idea to dine in fancy restaurants, lavish eateries in France can quickly poke a hole in your wallet. Instead, if you offer a house specialty in a local cafeteria, you will be able to save plenty of costs. At the same time, you will also be able to get the true local taste.

So whenever you visit a local cafeteria, just ask them about the plat du jour, which stands for the plate of the day. People who travel to France on a budget often devour mussels a lot because they are typically available in the region and are very affordable.

In case you visit the right places, you can get a multi-course meal for lunch for as less as just ten euros. However, dinner prices are significantly higher. So for dinner, consider eating from roadside stalls on some days to save costs!

Avoid the toll roads

In case you are going to drive or planning a family road trip, avoid the toll roads. This is because the toll roads in France can be quite expensive. However, chances are that your GPS will turn out to be a rebel in this case. So buy a good road map.

For instance, if you drive to the Northern part of France from Paris, you may have to pay 20 euros as toll tax on a single way. However, you can reach there for free in case you take a scenic drive through the countryside including rolling hills, cider makers, and magnificent chateaux.

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